Writer’s block

We’ve all been there. Allow me to quote from an underestimated gem, George Gissing’s New Grub Street
“Sometimes the three hours’ labour of a morning resulted in half a dozen lines, corrected into illegibility. His brain would not work; he could not recall the simplest synonyms; intolerable faults of composition drove him mad. He would write a sentence beginning thus: ‘She took a book with a look of – ;’ or thus: ‘A revision of this decision would have made him an object of derision.’ Or, if the period were otherwise inoffensive, it ran in a rhythmic gallop which was torment to the ear.” Thanks, George.

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3 Responses to Writer’s block

  1. paoi says:

    i’ve so been there and done that. that is a real gem! thanks for sharing.

  2. author2be says:

    This had me chuckling. I was a little spent having just forced out a chapter in my online story, so I had to read it a couple of times slowly. Boy, did i get it… lol. Thanks for sharing.

    • If all else fails writer’s block is itself currency in the hands of the blocked writer. Write about how it’s impossible to write… you can’t get it wrong! 🙂 Take an example from Coleridge’s man from Porlock… We all have our man from Porlock. He’s a very useful guy to have around when you’re struggling with writing! At any rate, may you find inspiriation!

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