The Vampire

Von, two, tree!

Let’s face it, people. We have a problem. The recent wave of vampire lore has created a true inflation. Since vampires are now everywhere (it’s just a matter of time before they break into McDonald’s happy meals – and hey, I want a commission on that idea) they’ve become a bunch of laughable clichés. Where’s the mystery, the seduction, the fantasy? Now that they’re walking around in the daytime without so much as a sizzle, nothing much is left for the imagination. Some of them sparkle, some of them make entries in a diary (Oh for Pete’s sake!) and quite a lot of them are involved in triangular desire situations with werewolves (pride, anyone?).

Now Buffy, that was something. It handled the clichés with just the right amount of self-reflexive irony and humor that was necessary to capitalize on the theme without catering to the undifferentiating needs of hormone-afflicted teens. And yes, Joss, you are a God. But what has happened since? (Alright, I’ll admit to watching True Blood. But hey, it’s easy on the eyes, you know?)

It’s evident that we wouldn’t survive cold turkey. We need our vampires, that’s for sure. To avoid tedium, I suggest we abandon the werewolf/monster heartthrobs and turn our attention to Sesame Street’s unsung hero. Why don’t we take a closer behind-the-scenes-look at the infamous vampire who taught us all to count?

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3 Responses to The Vampire

  1. coffeepearlsgrace says:

    Too true! I will admit to loving the Twilight sage (before the cheap movies made it a joke), but now I’m beyond exasperated with the whole trend.

  2. I’d say that you’re looking at it in a rather negative perspective.
    For us who liked vampires “before” the commercial-wave it’s a great thing that it’s gotten so popular! Not only will this bring us more vampire inspired movies/series/books etc, it’s also generating people to become interested in roleplaying and larping, which will bring our organizations more members. I can agree though that the (commercial-) vampire nowadays has gotten a bit cheesy, but I rather look at it as an interesting point of view than what they’re trying make out of it.

    • Much in the spirit of – there’s no such thing as bad publicity? Not sure what you mean by ‘our’ organizations? Perhaps you’d like to elaborate (and a word or two on ‘larping’ might also be of interest to my readers..). Thanks for your input!

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