Case in Point: Rick Springfield

The Rick and I

What is it about these heartthrobs that enlists our allegiance beyond rhyme or reason – for some of us beyond the bonds of matrimony and beyond our closest friendships? We often forget the kids we sat next to in school for five years straight; we forget friends and colleagues (often through an active effort to do so). And yet, we swear allegiance to those we worshipped for just a bit and a half. Five proverbial minutes in our life’s span. Some of us (unlucky ones) have never met them. Never looked deep into their eyes, never shared an all-night communion with our heroes. And yet we cling! Others who have experiences to hold on to – whether a hug or a stolen sweaty towel – well – they have something tangible with which to accost every new friend, every fleeting acquaintance. To each, his or her form of worship.

It must be the strength of the bond. How many tears did we shed? How many fantasies did we labor to construct and memorize – replaying them night after night only to meet the morning bleary-eyed and flustered (of course I know nothing about this). We had whole conversations with our heroes. Fights, even. We pleaded, we cried and we made up – and my, how beautiful those make-up sessions were.. We love them like we could never love anything real that upsets our plans and speaks in turn.

Californication capitalized on our undying worship. Suddenly Rick was back. A strangely curious Rick – but still in the flesh (and my, what flesh! Hallelujah!). And the show made those of us who missed out on loving Rick way back then realize how serious our loss was. So I’m making up for it now, for years of undue and harmful neglect. I’m writing a screen-play for my well-preserved hero. But in the wake of Californication’s perverted metalepsis (look it up!) I have to ask myself -will Rick be playing Rick? Or maybe Nick Summerfield – a cuter, more romantic and quirky version of himself. Singing ‘Denny’s Girl’ and ‘Love’s Not Bad (tonight). Still not sure.

Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

Love ya!

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  1. asdf says:

    i am addicted to farmville

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