How to get traffic on your blog without selling out

Not a car in sight!

One of the interesting reversals that occur in the transition into cyberspace, is that suddenly, we’re all just dying for a bit of traffic. Lots of traffic if at all possible. To be lonely in cyberspace is ten-times worse than being lonely on the other side of the computer screen. If you’re lonely at home it’s only because your girlfriend’s dumped you, your friends are all having hot sex somewhere and you don’t feel like spending the rest of the weekend eating your mother’s mystery-meat casserole. 10 people have overlooked you? Maybe a clean dozen? But what’s a dozen compared to the billions of people floating around cyberspace? Not a whole lot. Why isn’t anyone out there reading my stuff? Am I not witty? Don’t I rock?

Evidently, not.

Thing is, as many a successful blogger has noted – it’s not that you’re not interesting – it’s that you’re not visible. Nobody knows you’re out there. You want to be read? Post every day. Put up crazy pictures of yourself from when you were a baby or ugly (kudos if you can do both). Ejaculate (excuse the metaphor) all over cyberspace so that people know where to find you. Look up hot topics and post sensationalist titles. In short – forget what you’re interested in – give us what we want to know!

So how about being true? Posting only what’s worth posting? Not selling out?

Heck. I just don’t know. I’ll think about it some more as soon as I’m done rummaging through old pics for a particularly ugly one of myself. Or a cute cat. Or something.

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2 Responses to How to get traffic on your blog without selling out

  1. My experience has been, and continues to be “it takes time”. Originally I only received traffic locally (in the United States), now I have visitors from France, Estonia (I bet most of you have never even heard of that country) England, Poland, Finland, Germany, Vietnam, China, and Canada. My blog is about photography. And, some of my posts include photos taken in the countries named above. I also actively seek out other photographers blogs and comment on their pictures. Their readers see my posts, and comments and visit my blog. The more I interact with other Photographers, the more their readers interact with me. And the best part is, this strategy costs me only a little time.

  2. hey there, just wanna say thank you for providing this information. I was searching around ask and couldnt find a single bit of information on this. I am gonna credit you in my report !

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