Blogging Turn-Offs

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The Problem with Blogging – Everyone Can Do It!

Yes, I did. I said it.

Isn’t it wonderful how we’ve democratized writing? Think back a couple of years. Remember when we all knew – it was just a given – that writing is a profession, that we can’t all be journalists, novelists, speech writers and playwrights? Duh… Just like we can’t all be brain surgeons and TV repairmen (kicking the machine never actually works).

Skip forward. It’s the 21st Century. Still, we can’t all spell, we can’t all punctuate. Some of us can’t construct a sentence to save our lives. But – most of us can string words together to create meaning. Yay! We can blog!

I’m exaggerating? Am I? Amongst the endless array of sites devoted to blogging, how many of them deal with the quality of the writing and not with how to increase stats, appeal to readers, strike up interesting topics, get traffic, ads and sensationalist titles? Exactly! So, here I am to redress the balance and talk about the actual writing.

Blogging turn-offs:
1) Anything that’s overwritten:
“I awoke amidst the dazzling illumination of the radiant rays and…
To which I respond – oops, I vomited.

2) Overusing adjectives:
“I want to assiduously comment on the vacuously – vapid musings of my knowledgable yet superficially inclined fellows..
To which I respond – oops, I’ve turned geriatric.

3) Life-Narratives (aka rambling):
“Today I woke up with a bad mood. I thought I would eat something but wasn’t sure what. I felt like going to the bathroom but didn’t feel like getting out of bed…”
To which I respond – oops, I’ve taken my own life just to get out of reading yours.

4) Thesaurus abuse
“Yours truly luxuriates in plucking aquatic vertebrates from the briny deep.”
To which I respond – ???? (you like fishing, huh?)

5) Blockorrhea
“I really wanted to write something today. But I somehow feel uninspired…”
To which I respond – step away from your computer. Go out. Smell the roses. Talk to people (real live ones). Get back to us when you have something to say.

6) Solipsistic abbreviations:
“So then j.c.k and I took the D.E.R and bought a DDO. It was Kick-*8!”

And – by popular demand (well, whoever wrote the comment is surely popular) –
7) Spelling and grammar mistakes:
“This article was readed 31 time/s”
You think I made this up? I didn’t! I just found my own post on a different website, and that’s what it said underneath. Readed. READED!!!

Come on – admit that you agree! I’m going to add items as they occur to me. But I’ll be happy to hear your suggestions. What turns you off? (And yes, I’m sure this post is a big turn off for some of you!)

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8 Responses to Blogging Turn-Offs

  1. umavvs says:

    Absolutely! That is, if this doesn’t amount to overusing adjectives ;). See, when everyone writes, there’s this fierce competiton to get an audience. Not everything that is written is worthy of an audience, but also there is stuff that doesn’t get read because it is not promoted. So your available time is torn between producing good content and promoting it- some decide in favor of the former, but for most, it is the latter. Writing is a lonely business- not everyone can tolerate the feeling that their voice is just a cry in the wilderness. Cheers!

  2. Yes. Spot on. The question of course is this – why do we have to choose between producing good content and promoting it? My answer has to be –


    (that’s just my cry in the wilderness..)

  3. Lalalaa says:

    Bad spelling is possibly the worst turn off ever. There isn’t much of an excuse for it with spell checkers everywhere but people still manage it and don’t get me started on apostrophes! If everybody could stick to the rules with them the world would be so much happier. If you can’t spell a word or don’t know the meaning. Don’t fucking use it.

    I may be guilty of Blockorrhea sometimes. That’s why I moved to WordPress to try and avoid it..

    • Thanks. Will definitely add it. You’re right about spell-checking – it often corrects words badly so that you end up with a word that has no lawful place in the sentence. It can be funny – but very annoying if you’re checking student papers (although at this point – I’m happy to see they’ve made the effort to do a spell-check – never mind the consequences…)

  4. coffeepearlsgrace says:

    Completely agree… especially with #’s 1 and 3. Oh, and 7. DEFINITELY 7.

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  6. weight says:

    yeah my dad will like this

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