Blogging Revisited

Feed me, Seymour!

Having something to say.

Who came up with that crap? I’m not sure, but somewhere along the line it was decided that we all need to express our distinct voice, to toot our horn (can a euphemism be used as a double entendre?) and cast our bread on the waters. If we have something to say, we have a moral obligation to do so. Let’s preach, tell, advise, amuse. Oh, and err.. criticize.

Again, I blame cyberspace. We used to stuff it all into journals, diaries. Secret little notebooks hidden in secret little places. The odd exhibitionist would leave it lying around. And that was ok, cause the willing victim would be a family member or partner (post-reading, an ex on both accounts). Do people still have diaries? Can you imagine writing something just for yourself? Hold on while I split my sides laughing. Alright, I’m done.

Literature used to have the saving grace of canonization and marginalization. Thank God for that. If it had been any other way, would we have read Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Joyce? God no. Of course, that nifty exclusion wasn’t destined to survive. For one thing, literary scholars came up with the notion of the subaltern. And well, that led to postcolonial studies and cultural studies and, suddenly we all have something to say. And God forbid someone should say it for us.

You’re rolling your eyes. Blogging is not literature. It’s the natural outcome of technological progress. The discovery of an infinite no-place (utopia) that never gets crowded. The arrival of an information-hoarding monster in the form of cyberspace.

So, if not literature, what is it exactly? Is a blog really just a verbal tamagotchi? You know – those little electronic pests (I mean pets) who chirp and bark till you feed them (by pressing a button) and play with them (by pressing a button) and groom them (by pressing a button). Are we committed to our blogs like we would be to those little Japanese trinkets? We need to feed them from time to time, play with them, groom them (by pressing buttons). I know there are some blogs out there that have been neglected. Their owners have started new ones (or gotten a life). Poor little bloggies! Should there be a cyberpound? Should they be euthanized after a while?


Anyway, I’ve pressed the buttons, tooted the horns. Chirp away, little one!

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