Hugs and Puppies

This is not a toilet paper ad.

Alright. I admit, I have been leaning towards the sarcasm lately. Waves of unholy cynicism have swept over me. Too much time on my hands, I guess. But now, the academic year is about to start and I will be channeling my critical faculties towards my dear students. God bless them. And so, I’m turning a page here. There will be a lot more hugs and puppies. Much less whinging, perhaps I’ll even tone down the criticism. Um. Don’t hold me to that last one.

And the reason I’ve been feeling so guilty about all my bleak outpourings is that it’s dawned on me that WordPress (and perhaps other blog sites) is in fact the land of shiny happy people. We pat each other on the back, give praise and thanks, bring cheer and wax lyrical. Yes, yes – about each other! It’s like a huge fluffy buffer of kindness and warmth. A never-ending jingle of good tidings and joy. It’s like Christmas and Hanukkah (and those other holidays that seem to make it to the greeting card section that time of year) all wrapped in one.

Ah. I’m trying to be positive and optimistic and once again I sound like I’ve lapsed into bile. But no, I’m serious. It’s wonderful. It’s what I want the world to be like. Why can’t we all just get along – look beyond our differences and just lend support to one another? Be kind for kind’s sake. Be there for others because it’s nice. Can we agree to just hold our tongues if we have nothing nice to say?

Of course Candide didn’t really like Eldorado. It was damn boring. But I’m not talking about utopias. We all know they’re just misspelled dystopias anyway. Tending our gardens. That’s what we’re doing. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it either, because, our gardens have no slugs. No pesky worms and ravenous beetles. We all get along. And that’s just great.

Oh forget it. I try to be cheerful and it sounds like I’m composing some kind of reverse-psychology social critique. I give up. You can pick up the hugs and puppies on your way out. And make sure to take the lot. I’m allergic as hell.

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One Response to Hugs and Puppies

  1. Sharmon Gazaway says:

    LOL! I love sarcasm, so bring it on.

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