My Tromso

I’ve been following several travelers’ accounts of Tromso for a while now, so that by now I’m a full-fledged Tromsoyeur, so to speak. And thank you all for sharing your experiences. My own visit to Tromso was too short for good-conscience philosophizing, but still. One or two points have to be made. Here’s the first.

Arctobatics – yes, yes, it’s time for yet another god-awful pun. This one, at any rate, is reserved for the tourists alone. I myself engaged in quite a number of astonishing feats on those slippery slopes (by which I mean pavements). Just when you think you’re starting to get the hang of it and are shimmying across the ice like a native, you suddenly find your feet careening in an unexpected direction (best case scenario) – or, the more likely eventuality – directions. So, there you are, one limb flying south, the other west, the third north and the fourth east. And all you can do is emit a delicately emphasized ‘whoopsie’, as you try to regain your equilibrium. Arms flailing, feet scrambling around for some terra firma, you project yourself in all your touristy glory, the attempt to pass off as a local forever shot.

By the way, I caught a couple of locals doing their own little bout of arctobatics. But for them the hands remain firmly planted in their pockets and the feet just eventually come to a halt. No whoopsies at all. Something to aspire to, I guess. At the moment, mine is an automatic response. I think it might take me a while to learn to shut my mouth and keep my hands buried away. And just to be on the safe side, I think I’ll continue to flail and holler for as long as I deem it necessary.

No limbs were broken in the preparation of this blog.


Wikipedia notes:
In winter, the city centre is occasionally a giant ice rink. Or bobsleigh track. To save your neck, make sure your shoe soles have plenty of rubber (as opposed to plastic), and consider purchasing a pair of crampons.
(I’m not sure what crampons are – have Tampax come out with a new product? At any rate, one could probably locate a pair at the nearest gynecologist’s office).

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