Countdown to 2011

Happy New Year!

51 minutes to the new year and I’m in bed with a tissue stuffed up my nose (by the way, I looked up the word ‘crampon’ and it is definitely not something one would want up one’s nose – or any other part of one’s anatomy for that matter).

Resolution #1 – eject tissue from nose (why not start easy).

49 minutes and counting. Having a cold on New Year’s is nothing to boast of – undoubtedly. And yet, it gives me a reason to be optimistic. My Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer costume (no accessories) and tissue combo suggest that things can only get better. The nose will assume its normal shade, the tissue will find its way to the garbage. The vitamin pills will resume their place amongst the rubbish heap of unused over-the-counter drugs. My eyes will not water (excluding commercials with babies or puppies or the occasional grain of dust or onion chopping experiments).

41 minutes. But still, there have to be some serious resolutions. A recently freshly pressed blog suggests we turn to habit formation instead of resolutions (you say tomato I say tomato…). Alright, fine. I have a whole list of new habits I want formed in 2011. And let’s not get into it here. There will be a lot of work at the computer. Perhaps a montage with some inspirational 80’s music. By the end of the year I will have finished a book and several papers and will have become the bestest new thing to grace the halls of the northmost university in the world.

37 – Yes. that too. Moving north. Big changes.

36 – Are you all still here? Go find somebody to kiss.

35 – My somebody is right here. Just have to remember to throw out this unsightly tissue before offering my lips to his.

32 – and have a good one!

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