Time Saved

Ah! The magic of the internet. How many conversations have we devoted to the wonders of technology and all that time saved. Imagine having to run down to the creek to do your laundry, or having to run down to the barn to get some milk. Hmm… I think I channeled a bit too much of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ with those examples there. Perhaps it would be best to focus on things closer to home. Remember when you had to take a letter to the post office for stamps? That endless waiting behind people with enormous parcels and stacks of mail… Well. Who does that anymore? We write, we click, it’s there. No endless waiting. No suspicious odors coming from the person waiting in front. It’s all good.

There is a but, of course. Ever since the power has been stripped of travel agents, sales people and so on, ever since the internet has endowed us with the ability to shop for what we need at the price that suits us best, shopping, ordering and booking has started to take me AGES!!! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? There’s got to be a cheaper option. Better seats. A better hotel. A better vacation spot. AH! It’s endless!

My husband knows the drill. He leaves for work in the morning and I bid him farewell with a skip and a hop, stating that I will start my day by ordering the vacation we agreed on. By the time he comes home, hours and hours later – he knows I’m going to be glued to the computer screen, shoulders hunched, eyes blazing. Stepping cautiously into the other room he will close the door behind him hoping for the best. Finally, worried about my sanity (at this point I will be yelling at the computer at the top of my lungs and threatening to fling it from the window) he will tiptoe toward me and suggest I choose whatever I happen to be checking at the moment, throw caution to the wind, turn off the computer and join him for a nice quiet evening.


No chance. A quick glance in his direction will usually send him running for cover. And the ritual will continue, taking anything from 3 days to a week, at the end of which my hair will be standing on end, my eyes blurry and my mood – militant. And the vacation? It usually ends up being the first choice I checked out. A much more expensive version of that original choice – mind you. All those days spent hunting for better options just hike up the price.

I’m trying to kick the habit. I’ve found a very nice travel agent down the street. So now I spend a couple of days looking for better and cheaper options and then go see her. She’s better than a shrink.

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