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I Know Who You Googled Last Summer

An alarming new technological development has come to my attention, and as a conscientious blog owner I have decided to share the news with those of you not yet in the know. A tool has been developed to trace the … Continue reading

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Spam me, baby!

It’s been a long time since spam was something you opened with a can opener (or opened at all, for that matter). The much maligned mystery meat now assumes more threatening potential, even if it has kept its pedestrian packaging. … Continue reading

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Fresher than Ever (aka WordPress Rocks!)

I had a rather pleasant surprise waiting for me in my inbox this morning (and not one of those ‘is this another Viagra add or are you just happy to see me’ surprises, either). WordPress sent me a love letter … Continue reading

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This is not a post about writer’s block. I’ve voiced my absolute abhorrence of like-minded posts many a time. If you have nothing to say, just say it. Which brings us to the point. Equipped with true foresight, and no … Continue reading

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Hugs and Puppies

Alright. I admit, I have been leaning towards the sarcasm lately. Waves of unholy cynicism have swept over me. Too much time on my hands, I guess. But now, the academic year is about to start and I will be … Continue reading

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Blogging Revisited

Having something to say. Who came up with that crap? I’m not sure, but somewhere along the line it was decided that we all need to express our distinct voice, to toot our horn (can a euphemism be used as … Continue reading

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Blog Stats and Other Satanic Numbers: A Story of Addiction

We start off pretty normal – a friend or two, a couple of loved ones, a cat/dog and something (or someone) we like to do to pass the time. Those of us who are fortunate enough to get through our … Continue reading

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